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February 15, 2011


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Anne Mirtschin

What a great post and written in such a creative manner. You captured my attention right from the word go, and I loved hearing if all from the blog itself. Thanks for joining in on the advanced Student Blogging Challenge. Looking forward to your next post.


Dear Anne,
Thanks for visiting....I've learned so much from the Teacher Challenge lessons. I can't imagine how much I'll learn this time around.


Miss W.

What a fantastic post! The process of blogging from keeping them on the apron strings with the safety of the class blog, to letting them soar away using their own.

Thanks so much for taking part in both the Teacher challenges and the Student Blogging Challenge and for your time commenting and mentoring other students around the world.


Thanks Miss W for your kind words....it has been such a big year for learning. Since I chose to use social studies as my blogging class, I've not only had to learn the social studies curriculum but also how to teach blogging. Then when I figured out the techie side, I realized that I really needed to teach writing.

So much to learn.

But I don't think I could have as well without the influence of your Challenges. You do a marvelous job of setting out tasks that are do-able at many levels of ability. I'm really hopeful that this spring we'll really amp up the quality of our blogs and our writing since so many kids have the basics pretty well in hand.

Looking forward to the first challenge in March. Thanks again.


Sheri Edwards

I love reading your posts; they are your personality shining through -- a perfect example of excellent "voice" for my writing students, and a model for me. I'm way too academic. I do hope our blogging expedition tumbles through like a gymnastics class like yours did, rather than a free fall down a cliff. I think we'll do fine. Kids always pull through. Sheri

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