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September 24, 2011


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Brenda Sherry

Hi Marsha,
I'm amazed at what you are doing - how excited your kids are, and the wonderful gift you give to others when you share in this way - including the joys and the challenges.
I know you won't like it if I get too sappy, but seriously, this is the real deal! It's hard to teach this way, but it's soooo rewarding. Bravo to you! We love hearing about how your students are making progress.

I'm going to get my class checking out your blog this week! :)

I will need to revisit your posts over the next few weeks to really make some specific comments - hope you can be patient with me - too many irons in the fire right now!! :)



Well Brenda....thank you for your words of encouragement. It's a journey to be sure. But I always know that I have a bunch of folks who have my back and will help me figure all these things out.

Still I think one of my breakthrough moments was when Peter showed us those sliders. Later when Sheryl explain how it was a a huge tapestry. Both of these experiences forged a way that I could think about this in my mind.... I couldn't put it together before then. But now I feel like I have a bead on what to do.Believe me when I say....I know you're there if I need you. I learned from some of the best!!! :->

I'm really at a testing phase right now but I plan on moving ahead and I'll be able to figure out what works for me and my kids with enough experimentation. I wasn't there in believing I could do this before this summer....so I'm pretty stoked.

Thank you for your support. It means so much.

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