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July 06, 2012


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Hi there, its STEM mom, Darci. Thanks so much for tweeting and blogging my post about what inquiry is NOT. Between you and another tweeter, this has become my post popular post! Seriously thanks!

I have come to believe that what is missing from teaching is the time to reflect. My nature is to reflect, but still I see now, didn't have the time to reflect as much as I needed, because I wasn't able to actually do what I thought I was doing. Does that make sense?

What has been so cool, is that I've been able to volunteer time 2 days a week implementing labs with troubled teenage boys, using my new philosophy of learning/teaching, and at this pace, and with this population, its working! Kids really can determine questions to answer, can really develop a procedure, can really work with a group better than they do alone, and can enjoy STEM content because they're focused on the process, not the details! The content is just the vehicle to get them to the answer. Its almost magical.

It looks as if we do have a lot in common; faith, teaching, and ed tech! I'm your newest follower.

Darci the STEM mom

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