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July 03, 2013


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Thank you for your insight. I too am embarking on this new journey to get my resource students interested and involved with something. This is all so foreign to me right now though.


I've been messing with my Arduino this summer, and I also got it to blink an LED (connected on the breadboard with a resistor inline). I want my kids (HS, Algebra 1 & 2) to discover, exactly as you hope yours will. The questions I'm asking myself:

1) We're opening a 1:1 school this year. The students will use Chromebooks and some mobile devices that they own. How can we program Arduinos without a dedicated traditional OS? (See link at end for a possible solution.)

2) What CCSS-friendly activities could they do in their math classrooms? I've thought of asking them to write something to factor numbers. This would have to be a long-term assignment, but it might be extremely valuable. What ideas do you have?

Thanks, and keep up the good work.


Arduino on Chromebook?

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