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August 20, 2005


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I'm Lucilene, I live in Sorocaba, Brazil.
I've looked your blog and I would like to say that I liked so much...I think that you do, to share your ideas and opinions about teaching is very interesting for the others people, we can learning and know more about teaching...I'm finishing the university of English Course and I teach english in a public school in Brazil.
Thanks for you share your experiences with the people, who starting this profession like me!!

Becky Ernsberger

I know how you feel. I left my instructional technology specialist job to teach technology applications to 7/8th grade students at a new all girls' public school in Dallas. I loved the people I worked with but missed the thrill of teaching kids and seeing their eyes light with that Ah-hah! moment. The 7th grade girls I have this year are the best students I've had in 28 years of teaching. I love working with them and tell them so every opportunity I get.

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