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December 12, 2009


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Bob Heiny

I sympathize with your view about the Federal government imposing national academic performance standards, but for a different reason from what you and Mr. Cody address. I'd argue, in the spirit of comity, that the issue is with state and school district administrators who submitted grant applications for Federal education funding.

That means teachers must perform in ways that meet funded proposal promises. Many teachers do so, but apparently it's awkward for others.

So, check with the your district proposal writers and those who signed these proposals to find out what they promised you would do to fulfill these contracts. Apparently they have not been specific enough about procedures they say you will use to meet academic performance standards.



Dear Mr. Heiny, I really like your spirit of civil discourse and am interested in talking about this. I agree with your perspective that if we didn't take Federal funds that we wouldn't have to adhere to their guidelines...but why should that be our only recourse?

Why wouldn't I want to try and advocate in such a way to change the minds of policymakers? Why should I submit to policies that I feel are not in the best interests of my students and the hopes/dreams to which they aspire?

I feel like to become apathetic and not participate is not what I should do....but I definitely appreciate your point of view and see the practical aspects of it. It is one solution but it is not the only solution.

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