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April 26, 2011


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Heather Wolpert-Gawron

This is so flippin' helpful in teaching copyright and online ethics! Thanks for finding Mrs Yollis and for bringing yet another example of a simple truth to the forefront of pedagogy: that you can teach an online skill by taking it offline.

Thanks, Marsha!


I agree Heather...taking it Offline as you said is helpful. It gives students a context that is in the tangible world and you can see how much meaning they derived from the experience.

If you read the article at Mrs. Yollis' blog, you'll you love the before and after pictures of these kiddos.


Linda Yollis

Hi Marsha,

Thanks so much for bringing attention to the *copying* issue via our video. In our copy-and-paste world...it was a great example for my students.

The upset in the room went on for more than a day because we didn't have time to fully discuss it. It really drove the point home about taking without crediting.

Thanks for your support!

~Linda Yollis :-)

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