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September 05, 2011


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Hi Marsha,

It sounds like you're kicking off your school year with some fabulous things!

I'm sure your students will get a lot out of blogging. Kelly and I have just seen a phenomenal improvement in our students' literacy and writing skills through blogging. It is such an authentic, all-encompassing platform for learning!

Quad blogging is a really nice project too. Before quad blogging, we tried to make connections with classes, here there and everywhere. Things got confusing and the connections were only "surface level". With quad blogging, we can form deeper connections which = richer learning.

I look forward to following your progress,


Good luck with the quad blogging. I signed my class up too. Probably over commiting as doing the usual blogging challenge and a globalchallenge as well!
Very impressed by the work you are doing here,have Harvey's 1 st edition but not the second. Will follow from time to time with interest.


I love how this whole lesson works. How it teaches the kids to prepare: collect and organize their thoughts before beginning to blog.
That's a lesson that will serve them well in any future situation, online or in real life: think before you post!

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