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February 04, 2012


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Ron Davison

Google's policy is to let certain designers / programmers / engineers dedicate an average of 20% of their schedule to self-defined projects.
This is so brilliant that you've adapted it to the classroom. Next step? You do it for everyone. That would be a fascinating experiment.
Kudos for doing this.

Denise Yassine

I am using the 20% model in my classroom with all of my fifth grade students. I began last year after hearing about the idea from our Middle School's Technology Integration Specialist. It is a wonderful time in my classroom. The hum is the kind of hum that all teachers love to hear. The hum of engagement. My students record their 20% experiences on their own Wiki page. We focus on finding something that they are passionate about, and balance the exploration with equal parts of play, make, and learn. Thank you for highlighting this experience with your students. I hope it spreads.

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