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August 05, 2012


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Megan Morrison

I'm loving that more and more are moving away from rules/procedures.

I think this year will be a transition year for me. Survey on Google forms, then quick 5 minute intro, then MATH :)

I love the "Me by the Numbers"
I think we decided we are going to have the students put that into their notebook (cover? first page?)


Dear Megan,
Thanks for stopping by and commenting....what fun it is to have comments from people.

And thank you so much for the idea of saving the student's Me by the Numbers as their front cover. Of course!!! I never thought of that, but now it seems like the best thing I could do. Or what if I used them to make a bulletin board of their work by and for them????

Oh the possibilities. Thanks again Megan.

kelly hansen

since I teach English, not math, I think I'll try this with important letters....B is for Berlin, where I was Born.
I like the idea of them putting it into their binder cover. Thanks for sharing.

kelly hansen

Maybe the English teacher should proofread a bit better. :)


I really like the idea of a student survey. What kinds of info will you collect?


Perfect Kelly. Will you call it Ms Hanson by the letter? I like that and bet students will respond.


This is a great idea! While I could use the numbers or letters ideas, I was wondering if you had an idea for science? I'm drawing a blank here!


Dear Peggy,

What about Mrs. Peggy by the Theories. You could connect something cool that's happened in your life to the underlying science concept or theory?

For example, Mrs. Peggy loves The Theory of Plate Tectonics
a) Because she got a new set of dishes
b) It reminds her of the visit she took to Hawaii and the volcano on the Big Island.
c) Because she got certified to repair electronic equipment.

I know it's super korny, but I'm on the fly with my thinking. There are so many possibilities I think and when you start thinking about how force & motion can tie into taking a trip, convection currents in fixing a meal or going camping and so on and so forth.

What do you think? Would it work?

Becky Bair

I love the idea of using favorite numbers, and I can definitely see how I can use that with my kiddos the first day. I enjoyed learning more about you from your presentation, and WAY TO GO on those sit-ups!!

Thanks for sharing your ideas. I know my kids are going to be "talked at" during our school kick-off activities (great idea, but too much sit-n-git and not enough interaction!) so I definitely want to do less talking and involve the kids more. This is going to be a great tool.

kelly hansen

Maybe you could use letters and/or numbers from the periodic table of elements?
H for helium and also for something Ms. P is allergic to
a) Hair from cats
b) Housework
c) Happy students

Just a thought; like Marsha, it's off the cuff.

Karen Plumb

Hi Marsha,
This sounds like something that is moving in the direction of creating acrostic poems...which could be another great 1st day activity that explains their personality/likes/hobbies if they use descriptive words to spell thier name, for example> What do you think? just a thought.


Michelle Townsley

Excellent idea. I've done Numbers in my life several years with students but never in a quiz format! Can't wait to try it this way!

Marsha Ratzel

Dear Karen,
I do love those acrostic poems...but they are well used in our language arts classes. So I had to come up with another. But I do think they are wonderful Get to Know You activities.

Thanks for making this suggestion and posting a comment on my blog. Come again!!!

Tod Baker

Hi, Marsha. I'm going to modify this for some first day of school activities for third, fourth and fifth graders in English class. We'll be using adjectives, nouns and verbs to tell our stories. Thanks.




Dear Tod,
So glad you came by to read the blog......thanks.

Your variation sounds wonderful and I'll bet that students will love this. Let me know how it turns out.


I just joined pinterest and you're one of my first pins. I love this idea and will definitely use it. Then I read all the comments too, and now I'm even more excited with the added ideas. The quiz is almost ready on the Promethean Board, the ActivExpressions (clickers) will be used and having their numbers decorate their notebooks ties it all together. Have a great year!! Tess

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