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September 24, 2012


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Darren Kools

I wonder how she got the idea of taking a picture of the hwk. Is it spontaneous idea, or did they see someone else do it, or are they actually so in tune with their tech it's second nature. I know I take pictures of things I need to remember. Great to see a tech supportive class.


Dear Darren,
I have no idea how she got the idea.....about half of the kids in my classes use their phones to record the homework. Most put the assignments into their calendar and this student is one of those people.

So she's using her phone almost everyday in my class for HW. In addition, they like to use the calculator on their phones whenever they can. I've encouraged them to download a free graphing calculator app that I found and that is used quite a bit, too.

I don't know if she's someone else do this or not. But I know that at this moment, she started the trend!!!

Anne Jolly

So many schools won't let kids bring a cell phone to class. Afraid of texting and being off task maybe? Is texting worse than writing notes during class? :-)

This is impressive!I only wish I could answer your question from personal experience. All I know about kids using cell phones is what I read in blogs like yours.

Ariel Sacks

Oh wow, this is a cool idea I had never thought of or seen a student do! I would love to let students try this in my classroom! Do they all hound the area where you write the homework? I guess in my school we post h.w. on an online teacher page, so many students don;t copy their homework, knowing they an just check there. But for students that don't have Internet but do have phones, this is golden. And I'm glad to have found your blog. I knew you kept one but haven't spent time here. Thanks, Marsha!


Dear Ariel,
It's really pretty manageable...and it hasn't been a problem so far.

I have the HW posted online too...have done this for years. But they actually prefer to put it in their phone than "have to " look it up on my webpage. Go figure!!! In addition to HW, I always upload digital copies of the worksheet and PDFs of the SmartBoard notes and graphing calculator shots we do during class.

But for right now, they rather use their phone.

Matt Blennau

I have had several students do this when the class makes a concept map or graphic organizer on the white board. Not so common but I encourage it!! I do teach in a neighborhood where only about 50% of the high school students have a cell phone.

Sarah Leonardis

My students love to take photos of the homework I write on the board or other information. They also like to video me when I read aloud. It's interesting how they have begun to use their phones and iPads in class. My students are in middle school and love not having to write down the information. I am torn; I love convience of it, but I would think that the act of writing the information down helps create the memory.


Dear Sarah,
I think we are all stumbling and fumbling our way in figuring out what's best for our students.

I really like the way you think about the question....are we helping them remember? I'll readily admit that I don't even know my own children's phone numbers right now. If the electronic world went crashing down, I don't think I could call them. Likewise, I wouldn't know when to go to any of my appointments if my iCal went down and crashed....I don't even think I have a paper backup.

So part of my problem is how do I reconcile my personal habits with this kind of student behavior? I think I manage just fine in the world....get to most appointments on time and call my kids. Are the acts of my students any different?

I don't know. But I think it's the conversations we have with each other and with them that will help us figure out what's best.

Thanks so much for your post.

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