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October 23, 2012


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Fawn Nguyen

You've turned this into such a lovely lesson, Marsha. I like the use of chart papers. The writing to explain is amazing!

"I also believe this will be a project that we can come back to again and again." Yes!! This structure is so adaptable to any level of mathematics. Please keep on stalking me; it's mutual! Thank you so much!

Swagat Das

Nicely represented post. I too believe in using what you refer as " working posters", i normally hung them from the wall, a trick i learned from an excellent faculty from British council, it has a deep impact on students when they are surrounded by their own and their mates ideology about a common topic which improve their understanding about it.

A Plus Tutoring

Mathematical proving and convincing truly gave me headache when I'm still in college. It's amazing though you use charts and wide space so that your students is at ease while solving.

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